Your approach: Why you fail

Have you sent out a bunch of copy/paste generic messages? Have those messages been directed towards Dominant Females or Females in general? Have you received ANY responses? Here's the thing, guys... It's all about the approach. You cannot send a self-absorbed message to a Female and expect to get a favorable response. We know you're fantasy... Continue Reading →


Mutiny is Dead

  When you are a part of this (or any) community in any way, shape, or form, making a bold statement will create discord. The way you handle what follows is what shows your followers what you're really about. So, it goes without saying if you revert to slut shaming as an insult, you're in... Continue Reading →

1st FetishSisterhood Convention

I'm very pleased to announce that we will be having our first of many FemDom conferences in lovely New Orleans this August. What we're trying to do is promote a weekend of networking,  problem-solving and creative idea exchange amongst your peers. It does not matter if you are brand-new to the scene or are a... Continue Reading →


*loyalty implies a faithfulness that is steadfast in the face of any temptation to renounce, desert, or betray Hello readers! After the awesome discussion on Blog-talk Radio Show Tuesday night, I was asked a couple of off-topic questions (which resulted in this very post): What is the difference between and owned sub and a community slut sub? How difficult is... Continue Reading →


I'm not sure where you've been lately, but some pretty monumental things are going on in the world around you. Women are finally taking what is theirs, practically Dominating a fast growing industry (MMJ), and making their own mark in the uber-capitalist world we live in. Where's the shame in that?  There is absolutely none.  (if you... Continue Reading →

Conditioning and Control

You finally got the courage to call My Niteflirt line today, how did it feel for you to hear Me live? Your nervous tone gave you away the second you introduced yourself; Do I make you sweat? Panic? Wish for some semblance of My approval? Maybe as My voice starts to worm its way into your mind?... Continue Reading →

Delusions of Grandeur: newbies

Lets say you're new to the fetish scene, you've never heard of Sadomasochism or the word Hitachi, and you've just read a few 'books' that claim to have legit perspective on the lovely world of BDSM. Your first mistake was thinking you could get all of the information you needed about this "brave new lifestyle"... Continue Reading →

Walk Away

I woke up this morning to a rather rude message from a 'potential' s-type detailing how they felt that My partner was being aggressive towards them via status update comments. (I know, this is like high school.) Rather than perpetuate any negativity between them (and drama in My feed) I deleted My own status and... Continue Reading →

Verified: Why you should suck it up

Lately, some decent boys have been making headway with the 'fake' or 'instadomme' saturation situation (oh, I like that). While l think proving Myself is unnecessary, I've also decided that I have nothing to hide / fear from doing so. Some FinDominas are already established enough not to need a verification site to legitimize their... Continue Reading →

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