Verified: Why you should suck it up

Lately, some decent boys have been making headway with the ‘fake’ or ‘instadomme’ saturation situation (oh, I like that). While l think proving Myself is unnecessary, I’ve also decided that I have nothing to hide / fear from doing so.

Some FinDominas are already established enough not to need a verification site to legitimize their abilities (Check their history, interactions, websites, etc. A bit of research goes a LONG WAY). Ok, Fair enough. But, is it REALLY that difficult? You may think that getting on cam to ‘verify’ you are a ‘real girl’ is an atrocity to our gender; A way to placate the whining masses of ‘submissive’ males that crawl to Us, but I assure you, it is not.

Think about it:

  1. If you cam-verify, you’re automatically one up from all of the ‘insta dommes’ that are FLOODING this fetish (and scamming otherwise decent finsubs away from LEGIT Dommes).
    You = More $.
  2. Swallow your Bullshit complaint that the site owners are just looking for free fap material. If that was the case, don’t you think they’d be asking much more intimate and revealing questions besides: “How long have you been doing Financial Domination”? Get the fuck over yourself, seriously.
  3. Men. Are. Visual. 
    I shouldn’t have to tell you that you can monopolize on that. We don’t need them, they need Us. We create life (and we don’t need to fuck them to accomplish that). You have assets, utilize them to your advantage.
  4. If anything, Raise The Bar for this fetish. Don’t compromise. Don’t undercut your fellow Dommes. RESPECT HER HUSTLE.
  5. Anyone (and I mean anyone) can photoshop a “verification photo” to “prove” that they’re real. How much will a 10 second vine (video) REALLY hurt? Answer: Not a bit. Don’t be stubborn for the sake of Superiority, it just makes you look ignorant and finsubs will take advantage (top from the bottom).

So, suck it up. Get verified.
Your wallet and wishlist will thank Me later.
Or, you’ll block Me and talk shit when you get stuck with sour grapes.



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