1st FetishSisterhood Convention

I’m very pleased to announce that we will be having our first of many FemDom conferences in lovely New Orleans this August.

What we’re trying to do is promote a weekend of networking,  problem-solving and creative idea exchange amongst your peers.

It does not matter if you are brand-new to the scene or are a seasoned (and much appreciated) veteran, you’re welcome as long as you support the ideals behind FemDom sisterood.

Ok. So, what ARE they?

  • Stop girl on girl hate
  • Support and Encourage  your sisters
  • Communication
  • Integrity amongst FemDoms
  • Absolutely NO Racism.

/More to come.

Back to the big plan!

Alright, we’re trying to get a headcount by the end of this month (March) so that we know what kind of lodging we need to look into. Right now the tentative plan is to rent an entire house in New Orleans.

If for any reason you can’t commit by the end of this month, we will find a hotel nearby and try to get a group rate. Ideally, the house will be open to anybody that comes to the convention and we plan on having most of the networking/gathering at that location.

Doing so would  allow us to film, party, talk, stay up, & do whatever we want as late as we want without the fear or concern of disturbing other people.
I really want to see as many people as I can come to this. I think that it’s extremely important for us to support and maintain sisterhood amongst FemDoms in the BDSM community. Additionally , I hope that this convention will bring people together and help end the atrocious cattiness that you see online (and real life) for whatever reason.

We’re not here to compete with each other. Period.
I want to thank everybody who believes in this mentality and has fought alongside Me to spread a positive message of sisterhood in BDSM.

The convention is from August 5 — August 7.

– check back for updates –

~ Miss Taphophile


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